Leica Portrait: Seal [Updated]

Seal  is a passionate photographer and Leica fanatic. As a portrait photographer, he believes that both music and photography express and validate the human experience in complementary ways.

In this Leica Portrait video, he explains the role photography plays in his life, his thoughts on the new Leica X2 and one of his favorite subjects to shoot: his children.

*Update: Read the full blog post over at blog.leica-camera.com

9 Responses to “Leica Portrait: Seal [Updated]”

  1. Madona

    Seal i lv ur music.u r rockin with ur hasky voice.love divine is my best track ever.god bless u.

  2. frederic Soupault

    Nous nous sommes rencontrés hier à la FNAC Montparnasse. Vous m’avez autorisé à vous photographier avec mon Leica X1. Vous m’avez fait l’éloge du M9 Monochrome.Vous m’avez montré quelques prises de vues. Si vous voulez je vous envoie les photos faites. Il y en a une pas mal.
    Amicalement. Frédéric Soupault

  3. Svetlana

    Seal, I couldn’t see the video :(
    It says “Private video. If you have permission to watch this video please log in at vimeo” I’m keen on photography, so please give me the permission to watch it!

    And come back in Bulgaria in your european tour. You promise in 25.10.2006 in Sofia to come back soon. Sooooooooo we are waiting for you….


  4. Susan Pedersen

    Just met you July17th, at the Meet and Greet, Beacon Theatre NYC. I had my Leica with me and I made the mistake of not having you take a picture of me. I was so happy to meet you I didn’t think of it… You put on a fabulous show I love your photography just as well.
    Love from Chester NJ.

  5. Lynn Munday

    Seal, did you see any of Ken Duncan’s photography whilst in Australia on the Voice. Kens gallery is on the Central Coast not to far from Karise. Ken has a website, look it up, don’t know what camera he uses but fantastic photos, his latest display is on Africa.
    My husband is a Cannon man, his close friend is an Olympus man, they used to have some heated discussions on whose camera was the best when they were younger. We come from the UK and now live on the Central Coast NSW with beaches to die for.
    Now your back home have you left Karise with a good management team you know what the sharks are like!? Thanks for all you did for Karise, I hope you keep mentoring her. I think she may need it, if only long distance. Followed your carrier ever since you leapt on the scene. Fantastic!!!!!!!!! X

    • Katherine Rogers

      I love to watch the show on the voice and you are a awsome guy, and I have your latest CD of yours and play it every day.

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