Soul 2 Now Available In The US!

Seal’s latest album Soul 2 is now available in the US and can be downloaded on iTunes by clicking here!

You can also purchase ‘Soul 2’ at your local Starbucks.

26 Responses to “Soul 2 Now Available In The US!”

  1. Cidinha

    I am your fan from Brazil (São Paulo), but I couldn’t see your show here last year. Even so, in my opinion, you’re simply the best. Thanks for exist!

  2. Cell

    Muito bom cara, “wishing on a star” , se superou !!!
    Você é muito bom no que faz, sua voz, é sinônimo de Espírito/Alma.

    Bahia – Brasil – 28-05-2012

  3. ejike

    Dis is ur soul brother from nigeria, soul 2 is off the hook, I love the energy and inspiration that ur music brings,keep up the gud work bro I love u. Ejike from nigeria.

  4. Afonso Henriques

    Seal you are great . Thanks for your music.



  6. Elen Mkrtchyan

    I looooooooov You,Your voice,life is in your songs.:* You are the Best.

  7. Rudy

    I really enjoyed the first Soul album so I picked up Soul 2 looking forward to the song list it had. Sorry but the background music sounded canned, and overall the the effect of that created a sound that lacked energy. I still feel Seals voice is good but more effort needs to be made on the music side.

  8. Helen

    I hope you and Heidi works things out, all the best Seal.

    Many love

  9. rodrigo

    Hey! i’m brazilian and i use to listen all your songs. Your musics are just great. Congratulations for your wornderful work!

  10. Susan

    Soul 2 album is amazing. My fav song is wishing on a star and your cover is brilliant. One of the best covers of this song I think. Hope you come to the Uk soon on Tour .. make sure you do a venue in Yorkshire please please please.

  11. Mary

    I just bought the album yesterday. It was great! Beautiful album

  12. ana

    Hello, I’m an admirer. I went to see you at Vilamoura and in Cascais in 2011. You are wonderful on stage. The lyrics are inspiring and your voice takes me to heaven. Continue as you are. Is people like you that make life differently. Cheers to you and Heidi. You will be together again. Ana from Algarve. Portugal

  13. Roseli

    A love story like yours is forever. Fights happen, temporary separation, longing to feel one another.

  14. sonia

    fervente admiratrice (pas de soucis je suis une petitebelge de 60ans) , jadore vous ecouter , et j aime vous dessiner mais pour l instant je n ai fais qu une photo de vous mais dés que mes commandes sont terminees je referai votre visage et meme celle que vous etes sur ce site que je trouve tres bien
    je suis triste de votre separation de votre si beau couple,,,,,,,
    vous etes affiché sur star portraits , mon pseudo est sareri mais d autres artistes vous ont reproduits , moi je ne suis que amateur
    bien a vous sonia

  15. Jim G

    Seal and his music have rocked my world for a decade. His music is intoxicating and vibrant. I cannot wait for him to write new music and tour the U.S.!

  16. Ronnie

    I cried while I listened to What’s Going On. Marvin Gaye’s death was a great loss to the world and you could carry on his work. Please do more Marvin Gaye tracks; you are great.

  17. daniel

    i love you seal!!!!! please show in brazil? rio de janeiro!! you are the man!! rsrsrs..

  18. Julie

    Soul 2 is fabulous! I’ve loved your music since 1990 and am thrilled to hear you singing some of my all-time favourite songs – Backstabbers is amazing!

  19. Paula

    I feel bad for you and Heidi….I hope everything works out for you two…..and the children

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