MSN Music: Listening Booth

MSN Music have launched their Listening Booth for this week and the Commitment: 6 album has been featured!

The album appears alongside greats such as Eric Clapton, Neil Young and Phil Collins. You can listen to the new album and discuss it with other MSN Music visitors.

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    I love the new album. Now you’re back to the Seal I once knew. The songs are well crafted, instrumentation is wonderful. The whole package is superb. However the track “Big Time”….I’m having trouble with that one, so I skip it, but I’m sure you wanted it that way. Overall wonderful album man. Let this one last for about 2 years, and bring out another. – KHADIJO

  2. Rodrigo Rosa

    Hello, Mrs (and GREAT!) Seal:

    I´m Rodrigo, I´m Brazilian…
    If you read this message: GLAD for me!
    I was in your site, interesting! And this blog: good too, and I decided to write you (you deserve!)…
    I read your biography: I thought you are American, not English! And you have BRAZILIAN heritage…cool!
    Until now, your song CRAZY (I guess your TRADE MARK!) can be listened to in some radio stations in my country…but there is one (I ‘discovered’ today: and sorry for being ‘late’, laughs!) I like: SO BELOVED (is that the correct title? Has something to do with ‘love’, released in 2003), I even looked for (and found!) it in YOUTUBE!
    So, Seal is your name? I thought it was a NICKNAME…
    That´s all.

    Lots of luck,
    Rodrigo O. Rosa (Porto Alegre)

  3. Karen Williams

    I LOVE your new CD…haven’t stopped playing it since I bought it! Your voice is so smooth and sexy…please come to south Florida soon!!

  4. Marie-ChantaleLa

    OMG…unable to resist posting this comment…THANK YOU to the whole team, including GUs Isidore (a discovery for me) for this wonderful cd and to your darling wife…my husband and I adore it…Commitement to make more i hope..can’t get enough…my words can’t give it any justice. … Marie-Chantalexxx

  5. Chantal Bellerose


    Your album is a smooth way to dream thru the day. Beautiful, LOVE IT! I’ve been a fan since the beginning and been following you since. I really enjoy your music. Hope you will find time to pass by our beautiful city of Montreal, Canada soon.

    All the best,


  6. John corder

    Heard you first time on Jay!!! The second I heard you I knew a standing ovation was the could express to what you comunicated!!!!! And they did! A 52 old guy in Victoria Canada welcomes you and your band here any time!!!! Haven’t heard smooth in a long time! Thanks

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