Yesterday evening in Maui

Good Day everyone

Okay, this, believe it or not, is the first real chance I’ve had to properly write and tell you a little bit about what’s been going on. Of course we are on tour at the moment and having a great time playing to everyone. It never ceases to amaze me how many people turn up and show their support and love for the music.
Once again I am so grateful for the life that you the fans have afforded me.

We are in Maui at the moment getting ready for a show tonight then we will leave day after tomorrow for Germany (love going their 😉 ) where we will be doing a few acoustic shows for Audi. Some of you may already know that I have a partnership with Audi, which I’m extremely excited about. Why? Because they’re a fantastic company who stand by their product with an admirable degree of integrity (plus I love their cars). They have been an absolute pleasure to do business with and they have treated my family and I with the utmost respect. As you can tell I am proud to have my name associated with them.


Well, since I broke my foot earlier in the year, it has been a slow and at times painful process of rehab but you know what they say,
‘It’s only pain…it goes away’. I am feeling a lot better now so I would like to say thank you to all the well wishers.

On to music

I am so excited because at last, the new album is finished! It has been for about a month or so now but what’s significant about that, is that I’ve had time to live with it and to try and listen to it from an objective perspective, I STILL LOVE IT. It is called ‘SYSTEM’ and it can best be described as me ‘returning to my roots’ as it were. Some who’ve heard it say that it’s a dance album. I can understand why people say that, I see it more as an album of good songs that people will dance to…hopefully.
Whatever it is, the fact that I can hold my head up high and be proud of it when I eventually come and sing it to you is really what matters to me. It’s about believing what you’re singing and this is a place that I thankfully find myself in. I say thankfully because I was lucky enough to meet someone who in my mind is on his way to being regarded and talked about in the same breath as the greatest producers of our time.

Stuart Price

Has not only been a dream of an education to work with, but has also ended up being a great friend that I have the utmost respect for. I have often said that a record will end up sounding like the time you had making it. That said, I think we are all in for a very special treat.

This Morning

My friend and tour manager Todd Goldstein came into my room and asked me who, if anyone, moderated my site? When I asked why, he said because there was a woman posting some very nasty accusations about my flirting with her from the stage. This didn’t in the least bit trouble me because as I’m sure most of you can imagine, vicious rumors are an occupational hazard. But when I read the post, I saw that she had brought my wife’s name into her rhetoric. Now THAT is a different situation altogether.
Upon reading what she had written, I felt compelled to respond in a manner that lets just say, would’ve been far less than kind. But then as I read further, it became apparent that the poor woman was not only delusional but also seemingly lost and very unhappy. So I elected not give her any more airtime hoping that now that she finds herself banned from this site, it will give her more time to find whatever it is she is looking for.


I have been shooting away and going through the unenviable task of trying to organize my photos so that I can post them in a coherent gallery for you all to enjoy. It has been hard to find the time but I promise you there will be more up soon. Charles has also been working hard to get the back and front end right so that it will be the best viewing experience possible for all of you. Thank you for being patient. I love my photography and I do find myself in some unique situations so I can’t wait to share them with you.

I will also get the ‘Gadget Report’ section up and running soon so there are some exciting things to look forward to. Charles and I talked about doing a ‘Video Blog’ for the gadget report but it’s proving to require a bit more time and organizing than we thought. Excuses, excuses I know but it’s true.

Okay guys, I will get ready for sound check now for the show tonight in Maui. I will keep you posted with news and events that are going on my life and will let you know of a release date for ‘SYSTEM’. This is I believe, my finest record since my first so I cannot wait to get it to you.

As always,
Love, Peace and the Family


SYSTEM (track listing)

1. If it’s in my mind, it’s on my face.
2. Amazing
3. Just like before
4. Loaded
5. Wedding day
6. System
7. Silence
8. Living the right life
9. Rolling

43 Responses to “SEAL-REPORT”

  1. Exitwound

    Greetings Seal, From Montana!

    I had to stop by and say hello from “The Native American World”

    I’m known as The Native Axeman aka Exitwound: I’m a member of The Northern Cheyenne Nation.

    You Rock my friend! “Crazy” has been my all time fav ~~ that you do!

    I’m a solo Artist ~~ with 7 solo cd’s complete today! All play all instruments myself & self produce all my own material.

    I’m up for 7 – 8 awards at:

    “The Native American Music Awards”

    Hope to hear from you!

    Paul ~~~ Creator of Exitwound
    Billings, Montana

  2. dja

    aloha seal & ohana—early in recovery i heard “don’t cry” on my sponsors stereo for the 1st time with my baby girl crying in the backround while talking to my wife trying to heal our lives. this was in 96. the spiritual mana i received in my heart has never left me. i just wanted to say thank you from my heart of hearts. we receive so much love&blessings everytime we listen to your lyrics and music:—)BIG HUGS can’t believe we missed you in wailea–did you check out the MACC venue? your band outside w/fullmoon, tradewinds’ and ocean waves breaking!!!!!! please come back someday—maui loves you–Love&Blessings

  3. AlohaRose

    Aloha Seal!

    I have lived in Hawaii for a LONG time….and, seriously, I am, ok, maybe just ONE, of your biggest fans..and my desire has been for you to perform here….how on earth did I miss a MAUI SHOW? I LIVE HERE! Was it a private concert? I am so sad…..fill me in…please!

  4. slavine


    My sweetie and I loved your show in Maui. Just wish it had lasted longer. Your set was wonderful. The song selections and order was perfect. I was amazed on how great the sound was and how tight your band was.

    It was, in short, a concert we will always remember.

    From your photos, we may have been in the room next to you.


    Sandy and Mary

  5. Laird47


    First of all, thanks for the years of great music. I’m very excited to hear that “System” should be out soon, and I am curious to see how fatherhood as impacted your song writing.

    God bless, and I can’t wait until you’re back on the East Coast of the US.

  6. marcelle

    Seal your pixs are so surreal i hope i can experiencesome of the places you have shown us !!!got any of florence???thats what im hopinto see !!living through some of the photos is reallyfun ..thankyo8u again…next time you post whould you share some special moments of yours ..that you took away from this mini tour ???sad i chouldnot reach them! love ,marci

  7. ewayfarer

    Thanks for the great show in HI. Have some great photos if you are interested in seeing from the fan’s eye, let me know. I have been enjoying your music for years now and will for many more to come. Looking forward to the new album, thanks again.

  8. Maggie

    YOU ARE KILLING ME!!! MAUI?!?!? know…Scott and I try to go every year but because I started work in the NICU, we had to cancel our family trip..(big bummer face) And I see your picture of Maui and I’m sooooo envious! Isn’t it beautiful? The pace of living is slower..ah..just love it there. However, in leu of taking the annual trip to Maui, we’ve decided to give the Mayan Riviera a go in February as Colorado will be white with snow…Can’t wait. Hey, you all be safe on the road okay? And to your crew…take care of one another and God be with you as you travel. Hugs and kisses to HK and the family.


  9. homegirl

    Guten tag Her Samuel :-)
    Good to hear (read) you had great time playing and ready to enjoy some more with family and friends at home (EU :-) :-) ).
    Thanks again for SYSTEM news.
    Q: Shall we have the chance to listen to it a bit before it’s officialy out or…PLEASE!! :-) ?
    Until next…
    Respect! Love is Power

  10. Singer

    …another arc I detect! Rolling! (Reference “Let Me Roll!”)

  11. Janet

    Another idea…A list of players that holds songs that you have chosen. Members could chose the player that they want to embed in their page to listen to.

    Love, Janet

  12. kaimauer

    Hi Seal !!!!

    nice to hear such great news – can`t wait to hear “System” – will be one of the first here in Germany who will buy the album + all singles of course 😉

    By the way 1:
    In one of your previous massages you have said that the following tracks have made the run:

    ‘YOU AND ME’

    Have this tracks another name now or are this tracks canceled??????????

    By the way 2:
    You have promised for ca. 6 months!!that you will put (at least) some of the Togetherland tracks on your page for streaming – but so far unfortunately nothing is happened.

    So wants again PLEASE give your fans the possibility to hear this tracks!!!!!!!!!!!!! P L E A S E !!!!!
    I go crazy!!!!!!!!!

    OK – will wait and see…….I can`t do anything more – it`s up to you!

    All the best wishes to you and your family

    Have a nice weekend
    Let`s hear from you soon


  13. Janet

    Hi Seal and Charles,

    I wondered if there was software availble to add to this blog where members could log in like the forum and go to a member profile page where you could enter member info, photos and maybe a special itunes player where we could stream the song clips we are listening to? Kind of like Soundflavor DJ? You buy the songs on itunes upload the exported XML file to the site and embed the player in your profile page. That would be a cool way to hear what everyone is listening to. Also it would be cool to be able to load music into flash Seal Players.

    Wishful techy thinkin’ today:O)

    Peace, Janet

  14. forchette49


    Just saying hello after getting to see you perform in Orlando, FL at the Hard Rock Live. GREAT SHOW!!! It changed me forever, thanks for letting all of us in the front row finish “Kiss from a Rose” for you 😉

    I couldn’t believe you did “Colour!” One of my favorite songs from you btw… My all-time favorite has to be “Violet” though, one of the most brilliantly written songs I’ve ever heard! I have the respect for that song that you have for “Imagine” by John Lennon (so I’ve read)…

    Have an amazing time in Maui and safe travels! Can’t wait for “SYSTEM!”

    -Peter F.

  15. Burt

    Well needless to say I am most excited about this “system” album. Being a dance DJ and aspiring producer myself I am very interested in your change of musical directions. I am interested to know if you are familiar with Soulful House or Deep House as they say in New York. This genre of music usually combines Soulful vocals over dance driven production {a beautiful marrige indeed}. I have been able to DJ a few of your songs in my DJ mixes
    “Newborn Friend, the David Morales remix” and one of the Killer remixes.
    Another question that I have is what direction are you going to take with marketing this album? Is everything still going through Warner? Do you anticipate videos and etc..? Madison (the artist) and I would like to attend a concert but it is not so probable as I work on a cruise ship and will not be free for another 6 months. All the same I am looking foward to the fifth studio release.

    Love & Light

    Burt G.

  16. Chico

    Hey Seal!
    Thanks again for the news!
    We, in Brazil, are waiting for the new album and your world tour!
    I have a question: are you gonna release the album in CD format or it would be only a digital release?

    Have a great tour


  17. sue

    janet you are so right. seal handled this with grace and dignity . it only takes a few minutes to think and consider the best way to diffuse a situation like the nasty posts. face to face situations can be so much harder and i feel for you i would have been scared too. im so glad you werent hurt . take care and much love to you and james xxxxxxxxxxluv sue :)

  18. Janet

    Reading Cynthia’s thoughts I can relate to something that happened to me and James in downtown Atlanta. It was my birthday, and we decided to go to the Georgia Aquarium. Afterwards we headed to Ponce de Leon street to find a popular down home cookin’ restaurant. Now James and I had just parked and gotten out of the truck when a man approached us. Right away my intuition kicked in. He started talking so we politely listened, and through him we found out the restaurant was closed. It was hot and I started to feel weak so that was the diffusion we needed, because the man wanted money. Needless to say when James tried to get in the truck there was a few moments of panic, because the guy came up behind him as he was getting into the truck. I could tell the man was angry…could almost feel it.

    The reason I mention this is because of the panic that was felt, because what if the guy had a gun, or knife?
    We were nice to him, and my diabetes diffused the situation, but celebrities have to deal with this on a larger scale…people chasing them with cameras, people coming up to them at restaurants when they are trying to eat, people taking stage presence out of context, strangers saying mean things in blogs.

    It is all in how you deal with situations, and I think that Seal handled the situation well. I think James and I handled the situation well too…we ended up going to a restaurant near our hotel, then staying in the room that night. Maybe someday I will get to go to a blues club!

    Maybe it is time to be more respectful of people. Seal and Heidi may be in the public eye, but when the lights are down they have a private life too.

    May we all be safe,
    May we all be respectful,
    May we all continue to care about eachother,

    Peace, and Love, Janet

  19. Begen

    San Diego – Maui – Germany! I had the opportunity to be at your concert in San Diego this past Sunday. It was wonderful! You’ve got all these hurting runners back on their feet dancing! And they were really hurting. Thank you for being there for such a good cause!
    I saw that you’re giving another concert in my hometown on July 16th – Mannheim, Germany! Too bad I can’t be there, but I’ll send all my friends. Say hi to Mannheim from California.

  20. Cynthia

    I took another look at Seals note this evening after thinking about what I’d read this morning..It made me a bit sad.. Its scary how there are some real wierd and potentially dangerous people out there. Theres no way I’d ever want to be famous or in the public eye. Theres too heavy a price to pay.. from cameras always in your face to fear of crazies with some imaginary axe to grind. Thankfully most people are with good intentions ,but it has to be a worry. One nice thing I’ve noticed about Seal concerts is that he has a nice way of shrinking the room so although its a crowd ,its got a nice warm and cozy feeling in it. I’m sure you guys know what I mean after seeing him..

  21. hw


    just a few doors down from you in Maui, saw you taking some photos from outside…nice to see you. And great to say hi to you. Wanted a pic with you and the daughter, enjoy your stay! Maybe we will see you again!!!

  22. nanceems

    Hey Seal, you are truly amazing your voice is incredible. It’s beautiful. I can’t wait for your new CD. I’ll be first in line to buy it. I love what I’ve heard already.

  23. jfstines

    Hey Seal, glad you were able to get time to write so much down. I am really looking forward to the new album and the tour to follow. Just remember, as much as we love seeing you, your family needs you first, so get plenty of qaulity time there.

  24. sue

    gorgeous picture :) so glad youve had time to post again. i have to confess i dont read all the comments sort of just wanna hear what you have to say :O so glad the album is finished and that you are happy with it. cant wait for the release tho, will it be in the US first or worldwide ? because if i can pre-oder i will lol………:) hope the foot doesnt ache too much now take care and love to you and the family. luv sue xx

  25. Beth

    Beautiful photo!!! :) Im just like everyone else here LOL I cant wait either for “System”!!!! Any chance of it being released earlier than Oct.???? seeing as you said its done!!! 😉 Thanks for the update and taking the time to do it…have fun in Europe :) and my vote if it matters LOL is for Janet to be your moderator 😉
    See you on the world tour!!!

  26. sophiainside

    Hi Seal, can’t wait for that System album you’ve been talking about. Stuart is the one who worked with madonna, right ? does that mean that u work with him on this album ?? can’t wait to have a listen !!

  27. Moni

    I´m happy to hear about the new album, I can´t wait to hear it. I love your music. I hope the release date doesn´t take longer.

    Best regards from Mexico


  28. Cynthia

    What a beautiful picture! I’ve ofethn heard Hawaii is like a garden of Eden.. With two kids I’m still at the closer Carribbean visits which are beautiful as well. I hadnt seen Hawaii on the tour list and wondered if you were just resting after an almost daily concert schedule. I was at the NY concerts and you sounded great. I was wishing it was longer so we could hear more of the new music coming on October. Stay well!

  29. Janet

    Hi Laura,

    Thanks for the vote;O) Seal, if you need a moderator, then I would be honored. I have the time, and I care about people and music. Glenda, here is the url to the forum:

    Love, Janet

  30. scienceman2k9


    That is an amazing picture you took. I can’t wait to hear your new album. I really appreciate you music; it always puts me in a better mood when I’m feeling down. I would love to see you in concert someday. Hopefully you come to Pittsburgh, PA!! I’m stuck here as I attend college here and I am in the military.

  31. saraohio

    Ahh, that sunset photo is divine…beam me there Scotty!

    Yes, best not to address that persons’ rantings..she obviously wasn’t of sound mind. All of us here know what a beautiful person you are, inside and out.

    You really know how to build the anticipation for “System”! I can’t WAIT to hear it!!! Any chance of moving that release date up to, say, September? ;o)

    Thanks for the update. Be safe out there!

  32. thebighappyhouse

    Thanks Todd Goldstein!

    If you need a moderator, I KKNOW the perfect gal for the job..JANET!
    I am confident that should keep you and your family safe.

    pps-Dean says’s bedtime for him.

  33. Demetruis


    Thanks for the report… great to see your doing well. Really looking forward to the new album and your stop in Chicago on the World Tour. Cheers !!!.

  34. thebighappyhouse


    You are so great…I love ya man.

    Thanks for the report…you do know that we don’t NEED it..but we all sure do LOVE IT!

  35. Singer

    …I can’t wait to hear the new jams! I love the title of track 1. Just Like Before evokes Just Like You Said (always a luv’ly thing)…

  36. lydie_blu


    I noticed there was not a song named “Swoosh”.. is it still there under a different title? Or did it get booted?

  37. michele

    Seal, thank you for the update. Have a great show tonight and a safe and wonderful trip. Peace.

  38. Janet

    Very nice photo. I like the angle. You didn’t just do a straight shot and it is coool:O) Album track listing looks great…10 songs…can’t wait!!! Have fun in Maui, and just know that you are very much appreciated by the fans that love you. Thank-you for your hard work Sealhenry. Much love to you and Heidi…you rock!

    Peace, Janet

  39. lydie_blu

    wow .. beautiful picture!

    Thank you for the update! Have a good show tonight and the rest of the tour!!

    Can’t wait for the new album.. to see you so excited about it and the things you are saying about it.. I truly can’t wait!

    You treat your fans with respect… we can’t help but love ya back :)

  40. BANGKOK123

    S, Thank you for deleting that ridiculous post.

    Another beautiful pic! Maui has the most amazing sunsets. My husband and I were there a few years ago, I have been trying to get back there every since. Paradise it is!!

    I am looking forward to the release of “system” this fall! October I thought?? and of course the world tour!!

    Enjoy Maui and looking forward to seeing more Pics! I’m with sea to sky…Photography book deal!!! Great to see you blogging! God bless you and yours.

    peace, love, light & Wisdom.

  41. sea to sky

    Hello S…Thank you for sharing your time with US and letting us know what’s been going on in your world.
    Congrat’s on completing the album which we have ALL been waitng for patiently….we know it’s worth the wait. So REALLY now….book deal for your pics please. Blessings to you S!

  42. lolaokusami

    Wow. Seal, you’re the ultimate gentleman. But could you please have that person’s post removed? It’s very offensive, as another writer said. I can’t wait to hear the new album!

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