The way home


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  1. chadster

    Hello Seal and everyone! SO EXCITED about seeing you again in concert here in Houston. I have so many great memories of seeing your live shows. Best of all, was on the Human Beings tour when I “wandered backstage” and met you and Tony Levin. You guys were funny and really great top hang out with. Are we going to be hearing any of the new material in the show? If not, I’m always hopeful about hearing “Deep Water” live. Truly, and incredible song. Looking forward to the show…..cheers!

  2. UK

    She’s trapped in a city with it’s song…waiting for her journey home…not knowing where when…she throws caution to the wind…

  3. MickW


    Been humming and singing Swoosh in the way to and back from work today. My kind of Seal track, really like it and you seem to be really pushing it with the vocals in the chorus.

    How much care do you take of your voice, seeing as it’s the main tool of your trade?


  4. thebighappyhouse

    Hey everyone…

    I wanted to tell you that April is Autism Awareness month.

    1 in 150 children born today will get a dx of autism.

    1 in 94 are BOYS!

    Dean has high functioning autism. We are VERY lucky to have rec’d his dx when he was about 2.5yrs old and got him help..early intervention.
    Soon he will be attedning mainstream Kindy..he is a true success story..

    All children are not…

    Want to know more? Check out


  5. thebighappyhouse

    Hi Seal.
    It’s me Dean.

    I read your blog today. How is your foot?

    I sad you are hurt.
    I love you still.

    age 5

  6. thebighappyhouse


    It’s not Seal ..but I wanted to say WAY TO GO on your 2 weeks smoke free!!

    As a former smoker, I KNOW what it’s like to kick that habit…

    It took me about 6 weeks before cravings went away…I chewed ALOT of sugar free gum and ate ALOT of apples during that time….

    Drink LOTS of water right now…LOTS!!!

    Keep it up Maggie!!!!!

  7. Hilde Coens

    Dear Seal,

    Subject: Accessibility for blind people of

    In September 2004 the Seal4all-team started pointing out that is heavily inaccessible for the visual impaired. We mailed to your webmasters, management, record company … always with the question: “Please make accessible for blind people”.
    It feels so wrong and “not Seal” that your site shuts out people

    The new pages are really heading in the right direction, although not yet perfect for the blind. The old pages remain a total nightmare for them.

    Check (mirror on ) for general information about accessibility issues and information about problems on the old pages and the former Seal player. We decided not to waste energy on updating the Seal4all-dossier as we hope the old pages will be replaced soon.

    Thank you for the new pages that keep the dream of an accessible Seal site alive.
    The Seal4all-team

  8. 3988801

    Man I would like to just say I love your music. When are you going to come out with another album.

  9. Maggie

    Hey there Seal…it’s Maggie. I just wanted to share with you that I am on week 2…SMOKE FREE
    whoo hoo!!!

  10. MattW

    Seal, I think that one album every 4 years is too long to wait. I would love to have a full album, but I don’t want to wait any longer. Release what you have even if it has to be a half album at full price. Your fans will of course buy it. I am just desperate for some new Seal music. Then you come online and tease us these clips which gets us totally jazzed up for some new tunes. I am so sick of the mainline music industry right now anyways, why not do what some other musicians have done and just start your own label? It seems that way you could keep a substantially larger percentage of the sales and could market off your website and i-tunes. I have some other favorite artists that are doing this with great results. Either way, I will be first in line to get the album and I am excited to see you in May here in Dallas.

  11. thebighappyhouse

    Lydie_blu…I agree 100% about posting tour info on the blog…

    I would be MORE than sad if I missed a chance to get tickets…

    oh..and Seal..PLEASE, PLEASE come to Santa Rosa CA..and perform again at the Wells Fargo Center for the Arts (formerly Luther Burbank Center)

    I would love to be able to come early and bring my little Dean and watch you do a sound check…I think an 8pm show would to late and too loud for him…

    I would move heaven and earth to get Dean the chance to meet you…

    contact me @

  12. sue

    Hope youre ok?? and that your injury heals fast. is leni drawing all over the cast yet :) ? take care luv sue xx

  13. Maggie

    Hey there Seal…what did ya do to your foot?

    Pueblo West, CO

  14. lydie_blu

    This one is going out to charles.. I think you’d be the one! :) Ok so we noticed that Seal is playing a few dates in NY and TN but dates aren’t posted on the tour page. I get so nervous that I am going to miss when Seal comes to Cali. Can you keep us posted here too. I usually check Ticketmaster but not all the time. I am here more often :)


  15. elaine

    What a beautiful photograph! Thank you for sharing all these beautiful images with us, they always provoke a lot of thoughts and emotions for me and I’m sure for many others too, good ones of course :)…
    love always

  16. thebighappyhouse

    Hi Seal,
    It’s me..Dean!

    I reading your blog twoday.
    How did you hurt your foot Seal?
    I don;t like ouchies too.

    What you need is a big hug and a kiss from my mommy. I always feel better then too.

    I love you.


  17. AlohaRose

    Oh my gosh, what are the chances that you will even read this”comment” on your “blog”? Anyway, I live in Hawaii…and I would love to know if you are planning some new music…you are such an amazing talent…I am so happy that you have your family to love and to love you…but please, don’t let it interrupt your creative unbelievable gift of music….I am sure it won’t, but when are you going to tour again, and when are you coming out with some new music…it should be really good now that you have a hottie like Heidi by your side….congrats Seal…I know you have been through alot in your life…you deserve all that you have..your music has inspired me, allowed me to believe in love, its been part of the fabric of my life…really, as silly as it sounds, everyone in my life knows how your music moves me and helps me….best of luck mate…love and aloha

  18. karen

    I would like to find may way home too S. !!!! :)
    Enjoy it and take care, always!


  19. Janet

    Hi NxSG,

    I like this version…iceberg baby! I am going to paste the code up on my myspace page;O) Keep up the cool mixes.

    Love, Janet

  20. lou

    i’m a french girl and i love seal!
    i don’t forget him and i miss him…
    when does he do a new album???
    kiss to seal…

  21. Amber Denzel

    Hello All! Oh my gosh Seal Henry! That picture of Chris is so hot!! (On the tarmac) Burnin down to see another performance. Saw you twice in Colorado and once in Vegas last year. Need a fix…Glad you love Colorado as much as I do. Hope to see you and your amazing friends again soon. Headed to Steamboat Springs next weekend..The snow is amazing there!

  22. Expresso

    First off: it’s really great you keep your blog updated. I’m more the kind of person who is enthusiastic in the first two weeks but doesn’t keep it up. I’m glad you’re more consistant than I am.

    I know you get a ton of comments everyday, and since you’re busy with your new album, it must be hard to read everything. But I just wanted to know, if you’re going on tour, are you going to visit The Netherlands as well? (It shouldn’t be hard since The Netherlands and Germany are neigbours…)

    I really hope so. I’m not too proud to beg for it either. My mom loves your music, (or should I say: your music is pretty much the only thing she listens to.) She has had MS for 20 years and she’s in a wheelchair now and it has become impossible to make long trips. She’d do anything to see you in concert again, but she can’t go anywhere else than the Netherlands.

    She’s been to your concert in Amsterdam and to Night of The Proms, to see you perform and she loved it. Your music is pretty much what keeps her going, so I’m really happy you’re busy with your new album. I’m not going to start the “she’s your biggest fan” stuff, because a lot of people are, but I can defenitely say she is amongst the biggest fans. A performance in The Netherlands would make everything perfect.

    I hope you keep on going well, thumbs up for the blog and the samples, (which we both enjoyed) and I hope you read this.

    from The Netherlands

  23. Maggie

    Your picture makes me homesick for the San Francisco Bay area…Santa Cruz..Capitola…the central coast of Monterey..(sniffle) I can’t believe I traded my ocean and beautiful mountains for Southern Colorado..oy vey! Hey…love and wishes of wellness to the kids and HK!

    Pueblo West, CO

  24. Greg

    Greetings friend,

    This is a picture that takes me somewhere I haven’t been to before but reminds me that I’m in safe hands.

  25. Dante

    Dear seal,
    I’m an aspiring artist,but i get a bit discouraged because in my country people don’t really appreciate the form and message of the music i love.Peace,Love.Dante

  26. akof

    Wow, this is the best blog ever. Music, insight and good vibes! Seal rocks. I can’t wait to buy the album. I’m actually going to buy the album in the store and not download it.

  27. sue

    beautiful view , i love the sky thanks luv sue xx

  28. marleen

    every day I visit your website and it is a pleasure to see that you really take your time to share your activities with us; great pics; please COME TO BELGIUM! It would make many people really happy…

  29. Juan

    Hi Seal, I´m argentinean, I´m 27 years old and I went to see your concert in Pinamar in January without knowing more than two or three of your songs. I leave the show totally impress of your talent singing and composing. Some days later I bought all your albums! and I couldn´t belive that in these years I didn´t realease your music. It´s so great!! Now I can´t stop hear your albums and every time I hear them again, they make me enter in a fabolous world of sensations. I´m really happy to have been known your work, it´s EXCELLENT. Now I´m waiting ansious for your new album soon. Thank you very much for share your talent, and forgive my bad english!. All the best, Juan.

  30. rfishel


  31. Beth

    Hey Charles..(Im sure you’re the one who did this) LOL
    Thanks for rotating the pic…I was starting to get nerve palsy from bending my neck so much LOL
    Seal…which mountain range is that??? Just curious :)

    Peace to all,

  32. jeffreyc42

    Hello Sealhenry

    Great picture. Any dates on the next release? any tour dates yet?

    note to jill

    There are two copies of One night to remember on ebay as of 3/5/07

  33. sea to sky

    Phew! I’m not losing my mind. Thanks for the clarification Bangkok!
    Great shot S….from the Q7 perhaps?

  34. thebighappyhouse

    I liked the picture sideways better..

    Had me wondering. : )


  35. BANGKOK123

    you fixed the photo….did you not realize the photo was sideways before? take care and have a great evening.


  36. John

    Hi Seal,

    Am glad you’re still blogging. Was last here when you had blogspot. This is really cool now.
    Love your music but haven’t had a chance to catch one of your concerts. Hopefully I’ll be able to sometime.

    Hey, listen, I hate to do this and I know it may not be appropriate (if not forgive me and disregard) but I am running for Parliament in Kenya in order to bring about a change in leadership, solve problems, and improve the lives of Kenyans.

    I have a great website and would forever be grateful if you’d stop by and offer your support.

    Thanks and God Bless.

    John Njoroge

  37. Monka

    To Jill

    Jill I’m Monka I live in Brazil and I have this DVD,I both it hereand I thik that is possible for you to buy here.But it’s possible to have this here in Brazil ans don’t in USA? This Show is awesome !!!!Here if you buy from USA you must pay taxes but it’s possible . If you want I give you some adresses from here …

  38. Jill

    Jill from Idaho here…desperate for help! I am pulling my hair out with anticipation waiting to get my hands on Seal: One Night to Remember! I’ve been searching everywhere I can think of on the internet. As far as I can tell, this is not for sell yet here, in the United States.:( Am I correct about that? Recently I saw a brief preview on television and discovered it would air TONIGHT on the FUSE channel….and, well, after searching my guide for my Cable, spending time on the phone with my cable comapny, and trying to access it through the internet…buying it through satelite television I had hoped…??? Much to my despair my cable company doesnt offer that channel.:( Also, I’m unable to locate a date for the release of sale in the United States. Anyone out there that knows more than the little info I have, please share them with me!!! Can I buy this anywhere outside of the US? Is this possible…legal? I cant wait to see this show, judging from his DVD LIVE IN PARIS, I just know it will be mind blowing and awesome!! Seal- please never stop recording your concert performances! This gives your fans, like myself, who havent had the good fortune of seeing you LIVE in concert, experience just a taste of the magic you provide when your on stage. Each one has made my desire to see a live concert, that much stronger! Thanks to whoever can help me out with my questions. Good health and happiness to all…
    Always thinking of you Seal. Jill

  39. Monka

    Wondering when you will visit Brazil,unfortnally it was impossible to me to go to punta del este…
    Thank you for showing us the beauty you see through your lens ,your eyes
    Thank you for the wonderful pictures
    and thanks Seal for your music . The first Cd that heard ,I received as a present of the Love of my life , every trip we heard your music , we waited for every next album to came out! We feel what you feel in your letters, your happiness, your sadness
    And follow your carreer , yours dvds, yours beautifull shows . Thanks for everything, it means a lot to me. Love and Peace

  40. Timo

    Hej Bjoern! I just wonder whether you missed Seal two years ago in Oslo? It was absolutely fantastic gig!!

    Seal! Have you still been in contact with Chris Pierce? He was maybe the best support artist I’ve ever seen! He really took the audience!


  41. emtp2031


    Thanks for the warm words…we dont always hear that,especially in my primary profession(Paramedic) been trained to save lives,not watch them go away…and I’m sorry to hear about your dad…I lost my mom to the same thing almost 2 yrs ago and my dad to cancer a few yrs before that….cherish what time you have with family cause you only have one :)…cancer is a horrible disease no matter which variation it is…and again Kristin,thank you for your warm words :)
    Okay!!! Now back to happier things!!! Spring is almost here LOL which means warm weather.. cruisin’ with the tunes playin’ and just being care free :)
    Peace to all…:)

  42. Bjoern

    Like the picture, but wondering when you will visit Norway and Oslo? I’m sitting at home with the One night to remember dvd. I want to see you in live performance since you’re music and voice belongs together- My son, age 6 years, also likes it.

    Best wishes from the capitol of Norway, Oslo and from Bjoern

  43. Kristin

    Maggie and Beth, I admire the work that you both do in the medical field. It is one area where I KNOW I could never work, and I am glad that not everyone is as wimpy about it as I am.

    My family was grateful for the good care my dad received when he was dying of multiple myeloma. So take heart in the fact that the families of your patients are grateful for your hard work.

  44. emtp2031

    The road home is always the best one to be on :)

    And reading what Kristin and jill greene wrote reminded me of what I have to do at work to be able to listen to you LOL there’s a NO Ipod etc policy..basically no headphones…so when I do the one part of my job…I sit in a room by myself and watch heart rhythms for any bad changes on monitors(cardiac unit)..up to 60 patients…and I do have ONE ear piece in(the side NOT facing the door) I have to be able to hear the alarms going off,especially if its a lethal rhythm :( which is no problem as theyre loud enough! But listening to your music while doing this job really helps getting thru a long shift or a bad one…like when I see a patient starting that downward slide in their heart beat and I call out there’s going to be a code in room# whatever…I never see the patient ..I just watch the monitor as everyone else works on them and in the end I either see a beating rhthym or not :( and yes your song “Prayer for the Dying” had been playing during a couple of those events…and it helps me alot when I watch a rhthym turn to the one you can never reverse… is for the living and we must all go on…
    So thanks Seal for your music :) it means more than you may know to some of us…:) definitely helps me thru the day when needed….and I cant wait for this next album to come out!!! Any date yet from this summer???
    Peace to all

  45. annikamama

    Thank you for the wonderful pictures.
    The look at your blog is now a part of my morning routine, and I am so happy when I see a new entry.

    It is really amazing, that a wonderful artist like you gives us the opportunity to take part in his life and also in the process of creating a new cd. It is more than words can express.

    I love to imagine, how it will feel, when a song is played on the radio, WE haerd in such an early state. WHOW.

    I hope you can understand what I mean, as my English is not the best.

    It even makes me more look forward to see you on tour perhaps in germany soon.

    Lots of love and all the best for you and your lovely family

    und viele Grüße aus Düsseldorf.

    Mel, who loves your music.

  46. Kristin

    Well, it took me awhile but I finally looked at this long enough to figure out the pic is SIDEWAYS! Silly me, at 1st glance I had no idea what it was. I like the sun over the mountains.

    Jillgreens’s post reminded me of similar situations when I have heard your music and stopped to listen. It happens all the time in stores, of course. My daughter and I immediately look for a speaker in the ceiling and stand under it until the song is over. Of course, we browse while we listen, and sometimes even sing along! I often hear “You are My Kind” in my local drug store.

    I also heard your music alot when I worked as a bank teller at a drive-thru window. The job was truly awful, (no offense to bank tellers out there) for a # of reasons. The only thing that saved me was the satellite radio. Sometimes I was lucky enough to be working when the programming was “adult contemporary” – I got to hear songs by you and Sade repeatedly during my shift! I was far from the other tellers, so I could block out their background clatter and listen to the music. Sometimes I would even sing along (quietly enough, I hope, so no one heard me!)

    The songs always made me feel happier about being there. 😉 I felt more energized too.

    Hope you had a great weekend.

  47. Janet

    Thank-you for showing us the beauty you see through your lens…your eyes.

    Peace, Janet

  48. jillgreene

    Hey there. It’s me again….your biggest fan from the great ol’ state of Idaho. Boise, Idaho that is. Love the picture and reading your logs….so fasinating to hear you describe how your days are spent. For years your music has had a special, deep, gratifying affect on me…a type of music that only some will recognize, respect, appreciate, understand, relate, admire, enjoy, and…well, LOVE!! It’s like when Im in a public place and ever so quietly a song of yours will play over the radio and I stop doing what ever it is I was doing….if only for a second…so I can recognize wich song it is and start singing along!!! Finding that quiet place in my head so I can hear the song over the many conversations taking place all around me! :) You truely are my FAVE musical artist (genius) ever! It is, has been, and will be my lifes dream to see you performing live. To see you in person singing “Dont Cry” would fill every empty space that my heart has held onto for so long. Please Seal, think about coming this way…..some what?
    I’ve got to stop rambling on here…I just have so much to say, so many stories I feel like I could share with you…another time though. Let me leave you with this, I TRUELY GET “IT”…..enuf said.
    You and your family will continue to be in my heart, and in my prayers. Much Love……………

  49. huntersdad

    What a wonderful picture. I have to tell you that I have been a fan for many years, but had only heard you on the radio. Then I had the opportunity to see you perform at Bumbershoot in Seattle Washington. The show was simply amazing, and the highlight for me was hearing you sing “Love’s Divine” It brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart. I hope that you tour again soon, so that I can share the incredible experience of seeing you perform live with my fiancee. Peace and serenity.

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